Domains rationalisation

Start date2016-02-08

The aim of this project is to reduce the number of domains I use.

Domain Registrar Time of deletion Gandi 2016-11-08 OVH 2017-08-09
  • copy all records from to (easier this way because is almost empty)
  • delete zone
  • rename zone to
  • serve and with the same zone file
  • clean all remaining traces (emails, configurations, certificates, etc.)
  • announce changes to users
  • stop serving zone altogether
  • wait for domain expiration
  • copy all records from to
  • redirect all email aliases to coresponding addresses
  • redirect all HTTP request to (and subdomains) to corresponding domain or subdomain
  • update all accounts across the web using an address (no worries)
  • create an email responder for all addresses
  • renew domain once
  • wait for domain expiration
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