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Mini-ITX cluster

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‘Here is a question: why?’ — ‘Because we can!’[(cite:>The Big Bang Theory, season 1, episode 9)]

  • One 220V AC to 12V DC converter.
  • 6 individual DC-DC 12V power supplies.
  • 6 micro UPS system with batteries. Won't be implemented on the first prototype, but we should keep it in mind when designing racks.
  • Use of Ikea lack table as main structure (LackRack) with 3 19“ wide shelfs holding 4 mini-itx motherboards, 4 power-supplies and keeping space for 4 micro UPS systems with batteries.

Actually, I have a full depth 42U server cabinet we could use instead of a LackRack. — Benjamin.

  • 420W power supply (from LC-Power iirc)
  • Several Cisco Catalyst WS-C2950
  • dozens of RJ45 connectors and RJ45 crimpler/pliers
  • WD 500GB
  • 512 MB (2 × 256) spare SDRAM, maybe more available.
  • 13 × 128 MB SDRAM.
  • 28 × 64 MB IDE flash modules.
  • 13 VIA C3 motherboards
  • VIA C3 are special 586 CPUs =⇒ we have to run a 486 kernel, or even compile a optimized kernel package by self, if keeping up-to-date kernels is not a priority (or else maybe we should use the cluster to compile packages and a local deb mirror for kernel and headers packages for easier overall maintenance).
  • Passive cooling seems to suffice so far.
  • How to handle the hard drives? We thought about a vertical disk rack (3 disks within a limited height of ~10cm). Then, each shelf of the lack rack would be composed of three complete mini-itx nodes (mainboard, storage, psu and network).
  • How to handle cables? We agreed on the need to clearly separate PSU cables, network cables and data cables. For instance, using one side of the lack rack dedicated to one kind of cable.
  • Concerning networking, we don't want an 'upgrade' to a 150-baud modem on unfiltered power supply. Rboissat will provide the core switches (couple of SLM2008), an Intel pro desktop 1000 to provide Gigabit Ethernet to the main node, and some cables if needed.
  • All this crap will run within a separate vlan (reduction of collision/broadcast domain, dedicated dhcpd,…).
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