Suspend and hibernate on a Thinkpad X40

Making suspend and hibernate working on Debian Lenny on a Thinkpad X40 with a minimal installation is pretty easy, but can become a real pain in the ass neck if you miss a step.

First of all, you must install the following packages:

  • hal
  • dbus
  • consolekit
  • acpid
  • uswsusp
  • gnome-power-manager

Then, add youself to the powerdev group:

adduser <login> powerdev

Make sure thinkpad_acpi kernel module is loaded.

If you want to be able tu use the Thinkpad (or Access IBM) blue button, you must edit /etc/acpi/ and replace acpi_fakekey $KEY_PROG1 by acpi_fakekey $KEY_MACRO (for an unknown reason, it seems that Xorg is not able to retrieve $KEY_PROG1 (#148) keycode from /dev/input/eventx). The keycode associated is now 239, you can bind it using xmodmap or xbindkeys.

Don't forget to put gnome-power-daemon on your session startup script (~/.config/openbox/ in Openbox).

You should now be able to use either special shortcuts such as Fn-F4/Fn-F12 and gnome-power-manager buttons in the tray icon.

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