My two-year course at Technology University Institute of Belfort - Montbéliard is ending with a ten-week internship, which I am going to start next Monday.

I have chosen to do this internship at UTBM's IT Department (more precisely in the Network, system and Unix branch).

UTBM currently provides wireless access to students based on the following technologies:

The objective of my internship is to improve and extend the existing system to meet expectations of a wider public. The ‘new’ version will have to provide access to:

  • Academic guests through eduroam
  • Non-academic guests through a captive portal, which involves development of an accounts management interface
  • UTBM members (students, teachers, researchers, technical and administrative staff), with separation of different communities

My work will be divided in two parts; network and system (80%) and development (20%).

Several technologies are involved: 802.1X authentication protocol, Freeradius authentication server, MySQL DBMS, Cisco IOS (UTBM is using Cisco Aironet 1100 accesspoints, and Catalyst switches), GNU/Linux, 802.1Q (vlan tagging), LDAP, etc.

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